Innovative progress

We are excited to announce to commencement of our Nursery yard upgrade. On Monday 21 Feb 2017, works will commence with the ramp leading down to the bottom car park being replaced first. The fencing will then be removed and replaced with a more modern and safer model.

The nursery yard itself will see an enlarged sandpit and shade structure to cover the entire sand pit. We will replace the artificial turf with a tougher more durable turf and remove all the old cupboards under the verandah.

A shed will be placed in the yard (carefully considered to not take any space away from what is currently used) and a rubbing coating poured over the concrete under the verandah to allow a soft surface for very young babies and crawlers to access. This area will be primarily set up for our youngest infants.

There will be a path between the sandpit and the swing area to allow for more access for older children to use walkers, trikes and things to ride and push. We will also create raised gardens for the babies to grow and start learning about food.

We have decided to continue with the builders that we consigned for the staff room Scharfe Building group.

Your babies will still access outside space. We will organise a safe space in the over 2 yard and also maybe access the yard on their own at times.

We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge Bendigo Bank who has granted Toybox with almost $20,000 towards the project. Thank you so much for your contribution Bendigo 🙂