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Toybox Community Child Care Centre has been providing high quality care for the Lower Eyre Peninsula community since 1987. The centre has evolved and improved, changed and altered over the years but our core belief is still firmly in our vision.

Toybox is a 53 place centre divided into 3 rooms. We have a beautiful big back garden that has plenty of play spaces to for children to choose from.


To offer excellence in Education and Care in order to cater for the needs of children, families and the wider community.


Each of our rooms program based on the interests of the children. The programs are flexible and changeable depending on the day, on the children we have booked in that day and also if there is an ongoing interest from the children. The program may also incorporate special events such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day or even Grandparents Day. Educators will also endeavour to include events like National Reconciliation week, Families week or Harmony Day. The programs can be based on our local Community and special events like Tunarama that we get involved with or it can be as simple as what families have done on the weekend or where they went on holiday. We also look at local industries such as Farming and Agriculture and Fishing. Our programs can be inclusive of excursions and incursions where we invite people into the service and educate the children in their own environment.

Underpinning all programs is the necessity to ensure that each child is developing. We record their development and have assessments on learning.

We are play based so much of our “teaching” is based on play and observation. Communication with families is crucial in gaining a holistic view of each child and their development.

Toybox has a commitment to sustainability and incorporating practices into the daily program for children to learn and question. We have many strategies in place to ensure children are actively involved in these practises and we are keen to involve families and the local community into our current practises.

We are always looking to the future and we are keen for input from families and the local community to support and assist us.

Exceeding national quality standard

Toybox has recently been assessed as EXCEEDING against the National Quality Standards, please take a read of our report;

assessment and rating