Enrolling your child

Parent handbook, Revised July2020


Our Enrolment process is very important to ensure you and your child feels comfortable at the centre.

In order to secure a space at the centre you must fill out an enrolment form and ensure all areas are filled in, especially Centrelink information. You and your child will have different CRN numbers.

Once the form has been returned we will discuss days and permanency. We encourage orientation sessions. The sessions are provided to ensure you have had sufficient time to discuss your child with educators in the room. We initially provide a max 2 hour session where you stay with your child, you will be able to relax and let your child explore the room and space they will be playing in and get to know the staff. In most cases the Room Leader will discuss what they need to know about your child and you can also ask questions.

We do ask that families take this time to read Policies and Procedures as they can also answer questions you may have.

After the initial orientation we can provide a couple of settling sessions where your child can attend for 2 hours without the parent. We then encourage families to commence their permanent sessions as booked.

Please download our Parent Handbook for further information.