Working Bee June 2016

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We had a very committed turn out for our Working Bee on Saturday 18 June 2016.

We filled up our Sandpit, we covered the back yard in lovely mulch which was kindly donated by Chris McFarlane. We covered all other areas in softfall.

The Nursery staff focused and their cot room and store rooms. We pressure hosed under the veranda and the shade structure over the sandpit. Wooden beams were brought back to life with a sand and stain. It was a day filled with many wheelbarrows and shovelling but the children absolutely love the outcome.

We have a wonderful back yard and holding working bees is essential to maintaining a wonderful space for the children. As a not for profit organisation receiving donations is amazing and we are so grateful for what the Community does.

Thank you to the families who helped us.

We hold between 2 and 3 working bees a year to assist in the ongoing pledge to the families, children and wider community.