HEALTH advice

There is a growing concern amongst the medical world of antibiotic resistance. The impact is effecting all Australians and children are at risk.

Toybox has an exclusion policy which is supported by Staying healthy in Childcare. The policy is there to support children’s health and prevent risk of spread of infection. Educators working at Toybox are encouraged to be vaccinated and also look after their own health. We have guidelines and procedures in place to support the reduction in spread of infection. Educators clean the play spaces daily, this includes sweeping and mopping of floors, the cleaning of furniture and resources throughout the day. We consider children’s health and wellbeing highly and ensure our products are environmentally friendly. The centre is also cleaned by the Educators at the end of the day, ensuring all aspects of health are considered.

Fresh air and ventilation is one key element Toybox holds in high regard. We encourage fresh air and outdoor play even on chilly days. We simply ask children come to Childcare prepared for play in all conditions.

NPS medicinewise, is an initiative funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and they strongly advise staff, parents and carers that:

  • antibiotics only work on bacterial infections, not viral infections like colds and flu
  • antibiotics wont speed up recovery from cold and flu viruses
  • using antibiotics when they are not needed contributes to antibiotic resistance
  • antibiotic-resistant bacteria can spread from person to person

We understand the pressure that parents and carers are under to return to work or get their child back to good health but initiatives like NPS are there to support families to make the best choice for their child’s health and wellbeing.

if you would like to know more please visit their website