We have been busily reviewing our Documentation processes. Mel has attended some training and doing so Professional Development online as well as looking closely at what we currently do at Toybox.

We have discussed this at staff meetings and also throughout the day.

Currently we acknowledge documentation as observations and the program but we are progressively acknowledging documentation as not only observations and programs but also what the children do day to day, for instance drawing, creations, artwork. We are also acknowledging written word from families as documentation, transition documents, orientation documentation, photos, our written communication in room diaries and room sheets where we collect information about food, toileting and sleep. We are also acknowledging assessment of learning as documentation as well undiagnosed and diagnosed conditions.

As you can see there are many forms of collecting information about your child, their time spent with us and you and how they are developing. We need to create a method of providing this to you as families and ensuring it is current and environmentally and financially sustainable.

Mel has been consulting with staff and myself about how this may look and will be trialling some decisions within the babyroom from now until the end of the year. We would therefore sincerely appreciate your feedback and any comments or suggestions you may have for us.

Please bear in mind we have over 130 children weekly accessing care so this has to be considered with regards to time and managing staff.

Documentation falls within the Quality Area 1 of the National Quality Framework as so as part of our Quality Improvement Plan we have been working on different models for some time. Some of these have worked and others have been a complete fail but we see the benefit in our successes and failures and we are always learning and progressing.

We would like families to be involved and seen within the documentation we gather on your child so wherever possible if you have time to write feedback down for us and provide it to the correct personnel we would be very grateful.